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MARKETER is the leading & pioneering advertising sales house in Baltics since 2014. We offer our trusted clients multi-media channels to reach a unique audience with the most trusted advertising solutions.

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We work globally with specialisation in Baltics, UK, Poland, Switzerland, and the CIS region. Our portfolio consists of the trendiest and performance-based solutions in all media channels. We believe in high-quality reach and trusted solutions. That’s the way how we work to reach the audience with great attention. Investing heavily in technology, we are leaders in the use of sophisticated data techniques to enable clients to maximise their media spend through unrivalled and accurate audience targeting.

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Non-skippable video advertising in safe and verified media channels with more than 4.5M monthly visitors across the region. One of the highest AVOC rates - average. 82% in all solutions.



Trying to reach the audience while they are using their top apps? We are here with fresh solutions and unique formats!


smart tv

Reach more than 450 000 households across the region with a solvent audience with premium solutions in unique Smart TV apps.



Locally established TV brands with exclusive entertainment content - movies, series, popular TV shows, travel shows, and locally produced shows. Most extensive library of TV content to reach a loyal and unique audience.



Advertising in Riga districts - unique outdoor advertising solution in elevators. The fixed and precise audience, with high frequency for your advertising and guaranteed quality throughout the year (no impact from weather).



Attractive digital boards offer a new way to inform and advertise that is effective, customised and responsive.



Highly demanded advertising network across regions with unique media partnerships and solutions.


digital audio

For the audience requiring quality content, podcasts, and niche radio stations will always be highly demanded. Our unique audio advertising network will help you reach them.



We combine our experience in advertising solutions and fresh energy from our TikTok houses. It delivers incredible results in brand building and sales.



Brand-safe quality media solutions. Teads combines the strength of quality media, data, and creativity to deliver sustainable business outcomes.



Engagement still is essential. Our partners across the CIS region know how to attract a regional-based audience.



Experienced professionals will help you to reach your goals across the CIS region.


video player

Ultimate HTML5 Video player for WEB & DOOH with 100% effective inventory & ad space monetization. Supported Ad formats: DOOH-roll, Prerolls, midrolls, postrolls and overlays. Get highest CPMs for you inventory.


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Drive more revenue to your website, app, and SSP by connecting them with the most relevant and trusted demand partners in the MARKETER programmatic ecosystem.



MARKETER DSP is the comprehensive platform for professional media buying with full control of inventory, audiences, creatives and brand safety.

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Over 573 Baltic clients have placed their trust in us.
Insights, Expertise, and Understanding Derived from Digital 2'808 Baltic Advertising Campaigns.

Eleanor Hawthorne

Marketing planner


Their innovative approach to Video Ads has significantly boosted our online visibility and engagement. The team's expertise and creativity shine through in every campaign, delivering impactful results. Our brand has experienced remarkable growth, thanks to the tailored solutions and measurable success that Video Ads consistently delivers.

Bethany Simmons

Media Analyst


It's incredible, is the bomb! Video advertising solutions from MARKETER has completely surpassed our expectations. MARKETER is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results.

Maxwell Steele

Region Marketing Director

Western Union

MARKETER is not just a ads provider, they are architects of success. Their PreRoll Ads have not only captured our audience's attention but also fueled our brand's ascent in the digital landscape. The strategic brilliance and creative flair they bring to each campaign are unparalleled. It's more than marketing; it's a partnership that has propelled our brand into the spotlight.


Every day we challenge ourselves to make MARKETER the best fit for your online advertising activities.

We are looking for professionals who will be able to make their own decisions and work for results. We need people who will offer their vision of work and new great ideas. If it all this is about you, please send us your resume.


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Monetize inventory our SSP. Get smooth access to more then 100+ world-leading DSPs and direct advertisers. Receive maximum monetization opportunities for your advertising network within the Programmatic ecosystem – from direct deals and open auctions to Header Bidding and OpenRTB connections.

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Becomes a...
1 year ago

Becomes a...

We would like to inform you that we have decided to change the name of ADVIDEO. As of 2022, our new name is MARKETER.
 Along with the name change, the new identity and the advertising services represented will provide even more opportunities for your busi...

Our Inventory Quality Now Verified By Adscore & Anura
7 months ago

Our Inventory Quality Now Verified By Adscore & Anura

We integrated & revamped it into the MARKETER network anti-fraud sub-system and added integrations with 3rd-party traffic validation providers Adscore & Anura to secure high-quality traffic and protect it from non-existing impressions or clicks....

TikTok experiments with ad-free subscriptions
8 months ago

TikTok experiments with ad-free subscriptions

Hot on the heels of reports that Meta may be considering an ad-free subscription option for both Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is now also experimenting with a paid, ad-free experience, according to new code spotted in the app, which includes a basic ove...

Microsoft debuts platform to help retailers launch and scale an ad business
8 months ago

Microsoft debuts platform to help retailers launch and scale an ad business

Microsoft has rolled out a new product, Microsoft Advertising Network for retailers, designed to help retailers quickly launch their own — or enhance their existing — retail media networks, according to a company announcement. The platform enables busines...

X Social Media is suing X, a social media company
8 months ago

X Social Media is suing X, a social media company

A company has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Elon Musk’s X Corp. over its renaming of Twitter . The company in question is X Social Media LLC, an ad agency from Florida that alleges X Corp. is guilty of violating Florida common law because of “u...

Nike pledges to ‘stay on the offensive’ as it increases focus on demand creation
8 months ago

Nike pledges to ‘stay on the offensive’ as it increases focus on demand creation

Nike’s CFO Matthew Friend has cited the importance of “staying on the offensive” as it looks to capitalise on its direct-to-consumer sales growth. It comes as the sportswear giant reports a 13% rise in demand creation spend to $1.1bn (£0.9bn) in the fir...

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